Genesis Pro Tools offers an open-source Command Line Interface that interacts with the Genesis Pro Tools directory structure.

It offers quick and easy commands that automate a lot of setup processes for both Composer and Node commands, including template file generation and more.


Assuming you have Node installed, you can install GPT-CLI globally by running the following command:

sudo npm i gpt-cli -g

Once installed, you can check the successful installation by running gpt -v in your terminal. You should get a version number output.


gpt config

Sets up your local machine with global credentials to access Genesis Pro Tools packages. If using GPT-CLI for the first time, you'll likely want to run this command first so that all the following commands don't ask for authentication.

gpt install [packages...]

Install Genesis Pro Tools packages in the current working directory. This typically handles creating a project composer.json file (if it doesn't exist already) and adding required dependencies.

Example of how to install the free Core Theme package:

gpt install core-theme

gpt theme <cmd>

Performs theme-level commands, like search/replace, copying of starter files, and more.


Copies over theme files from the Genesis Pro Tools starter theme, Uno. Since this includes required files for a theme, it is recommended to only run it during a first-time install (thus using the command name init to emphasize it's purpose).

Example for installing the Core Theme package and copying Uno theme files immediately after:

gpt install core-theme && gpt theme init
Last Updated: 11/13/2018, 5:11:57 AM